Welcome to this 3-part series about what actually happens before, during and after a boudoir photoshoot. Think of this as a window into one of my boudoir photoshoots, and a how-to guide that you can use regardless of where you get your shoot done.

First up, everything that happens before the day the of your shoot.

How to choose the right boudoir photographer

If you are toying with the idea of scheduling a boudoir photoshoot, you are probably concerned about making sure you select the right photographer. If that sounds like you, I’m glad you are here.

Researching the person you are choosing as your photographer is key to making sure you find the right one. It’s totally okay if that’s not me. ? I want you to find the right photographer. So go look at other websites and narrow it down to a few.

If you have a particular style you are looking for, make sure you view their website and see that style. Don’t assume what you see on social media posts is everything they do. The boudoir images that we are allowed to post without getting shut down (don’t even get me started about the images used in ads) are significantly more conservative compared to what we can put on our own website.

Does this person seem like someone you can connect with? You don’t have to be best buds, but you are going to be paying this person to take photos of you in your underwear!

Some women want a female photographer. Others want the perspective a male photographer brings.

Schedule consultations with your finalists

Once you have your finalists, schedule a consultation with each. Make sure to ask lots of questions about the details that are important to you. If you are creating images to give as a gift, make sure they can schedule your session and get your products back to you within your timeline. Ask all your pricing questions so there isn’t a surprise later.

If it fits your schedule, see if they will do the consultation in their studio so you can check it out and view their products in person. I am always happy to do in-person consultations, but I know not all of my clients can invest that much time up front. We can also do consultations via video chat. Once your consultations are over, you’ll probably know which one you want to book with!

What outfits are you going to bring to your photoshoot?

Once you’ve booked your photographer, it’s time to really start preparing! The outfits you choose for your shoot can make the difference between you feeling confident or self-conscious. And that, my friend, shows on camera. I’ll be creating a post just on boudoir outfits, so I will just briefly summarize the important points here.

Your outfits will set the tone for your images. Are they lacey and pink or black with silver studs? There is no right answer. You could be the most casual person picking up your kiddos from carpool, but for your boudoir photos you want big curls, smokey eyes and a corset with garters.

I typically have time to shoot 3 outfits during your session so you can play around with mood too.

You don’t have to go it alone.

Most boudoir photographers will help guide your selections either during your booking consultation or schedule another call just to talk outfits.

My biggest suggestion is to give yourself time when selecting your outfits. Whether you are shopping your closet, your local lingerie store or online, find pieces that fit and that you love.

Preparing your body

How much you do to prepare your body before your photoshoot is up to you. For some women that will mean getting their hair cut and colored, a professional manicure and pedicure, a wax, a facial and perhaps teeth whitening.

However, it’s up to you. Treat it like preparing for any special event where you want to impress (being in a wedding party, going on a first date or attending a school reunion). What would you do to prepare for an event like that? Do that.

For everyone, I recommend getting a good night’s sleep, drinking lots of water and moisturizing your skin. If you aren’t going to get a mani/pedi, then remove old nail polish.

If you have tight, curly hair and want it straight or with big, bouncy curls, then book a blow dry appointment for the day before. My hair and make-up artist will do dry hair styling on the day of your shoot. She can touch up curls or flat iron, but no amount of flat ironing dry, curly hair is going to get you the look you want.

Lastly make sure you pack your bag with your outfits, shoes and any accessories and put it where you won’t forget it!

You’re ready for your shoot!


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