Welcome to this 3-part series about boudoir photography: what to expect before, during and after a boudoir photo shoot. Think of this as a window into one of my boudoir photo shoots, and a how-to guide to boudoir photography that you can use regardless of where you get your shoot done.

Finally, you get to see your photos!

How to Display Your Photos

You’ve probably already though about how you want to display and perhaps present your boudoir photos. There are lots of options and everyone has a slightly different take on it. Some women are more or less conservative. Others have people (small and large) traipsing through their bedroom regularly.

So my advice for you is to do YOU! Also, you will have a range of images to select from. So you can always display the more conservative of your images and save the others for your album.

Boudoir Wall Art

From canvases to framed photographs to metal prints, there is an option for your wall. I offer a small, medium and large option for these types of wall art so that you can find the right size for your available wall space. Perhaps you have an empty spot over your tub or between your sinks that would be perfect.

Smaller framed prints and side-by-side folios are great for displaying on dressers, bedside tables, dressing tables and vanities. They also make a lovely gift for your sweetie to take with them when they travel!

Boudoir Book

Boudoir albums, often referred to as boudoir books, are the ultimate way to tell a story. They show the variety of outfits and poses you spent so much time and energy getting right during your shoot! With beautiful covers and thick pages, they are lovely to hold. Discreet and able to be tucked away but also available for you to pull out whenever you want, albums are the perfect gift whether for yourself, your groom or your spouse of 20 years!

 A Visual Reminder

One of the benefits of doing a boudoir shoot is the confidence you feel the day of. Your printed products are a way of bottling up that feeling and showing it back to you when you most need it. So, ideally, you see your photos regularly. If they are displayed that’s easy. You can thank that woman as you pass by her and be reminded of your awesomeness. For albums, make sure to pull yours out regularly to get that same reminder, especially on days when you might need an extra boost to lift your spirit.

Selecting Your Images

During your viewing, we go through each image one-by-one as many times as you like! I want you to be happy with every image you purchase. There is no need to rush. We will discuss any additional retouching at this time as well.

If your photos aren’t going to be a surprise gift to your partner, you can bring them with you. Those viewings are always fun for me as I can watch as my client sees herself as her spouse sees her. They always say something to the effect of:

Client: “Oh my god, wow, [insert other colorful language], I can’t believe that’s me.”

Spouse: “Babe, of course it is. That’s the way I see you.”

If you choose an album, we will design your album together, on the spot, so you can see exactly what it will look like. I have samples available so you can look and feel and make all your final selections.

I can assist in choosing your wall art as well. It usually comes down to which images are your favorite and which ones will fit best in the space you have (vertical or horizontal). If you have a lot of space, we could also design a wall gallery.

Printing and Delivery

I will send off your order for professional printing after your viewing and deliver your digital images right away. Depending on the products you choose, it should take 2-3 weeks to receive your order.

Make sure to plan for printing time if you are giving your boudoir photos as a gift. While you are waiting you can think up just the right way to present your boudoir photos!

Perhaps reenact one of your favorite poses with the same lingerie… leave it subtly where he will find it… hand deliver to the office… sexy scavenger hunt.. The possibilities are endless.

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