Texas is slowly starting to open back up, and some people have reached out about sessions. I wish I could say yes, but I’ve been saying no.

I get closer than 6 feet to all my boudoir, headshot and family clients.

Currently, salons and similar businesses are not reopening. Once those businesses are given the green light, I’ll make my decision as to whether to reopen or not. 

I know everyone is itching to get back to “normal.” I’m right there with ya. But it would be irresponsible of me to put either of us in danger.

I’m happy to chat about a session and put you on a waitlist for priority booking as soon as it is safe to open. Feel free to schedule a consultation here.

Take care of yourself, reach out to friends and family, and support your favorite local businesses that are open.

Stay safe and healthy!

hey there!

i’m kerry

Photographer. Maker. Nerd. Mom. Wife. Plant-lover. Francophile. A great day is lounging around at home reading, organizing, playing with the kids and cooking fresh food from scratch.

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