I’ve been trying to reconcile reaching out in these crazy times. I don’t know about you, but I still feel like my head is under water. My house is now full of noise and mess and activity, but I also know there are people out there whose houses are quiet and lonely.

I certainly don’t want to add any more weight to a weighty situation. But I wanted to send my well wishes to you and your loved ones. I hope they are with you, and you can reach out and hug them. Is anyone else missing friend hugs?

I am also reading more than ever before. I was the person whose news exposure was limited to the 15-minute school commute where we listen to NPR, and the odd news article I might click through on Facebook. Now I have this obsession to read the news for some reason, multiple times per day. I’ve shared a few articles on my business and personal Facebook pages, but I thought I’d curate a longer list of what I’ve been reading and send it out. I hope it helps.

I’d love to hear from you. How are you doing? Did any of these relate? What are you doing to make it through the day?

Love & Relationships

How to maintain your relationship during quarantine

51 sexy things to do while you’re home

Health & Wellness

Self-havening technique video (similar to tapping if you’ve ever tapped)

Down Dog Yoga App is free until May 1. Nice video quality and lots of settings you can change. I’ve been wanting to do yoga everyday. I’m not at everyday yet, but, when I do it, I definitely feel better. They also have other non-yoga apps too if yoga isn’t your thing.

Make-up & Beauty

Lisa Eldridge’s home quarantine make-up look video. I know others are super pumped about not having to wear make-up everyday and that’s awesome. Rock the no make-up look! However, I’ve been trying to wear make-up because I just feel better and more “normal” when I wear it.

Missing your gel polish? Try Dazzle Dry. I found out about this brand about a month ago. It doesn’t have loads of chemicals. It’s quick dry with no UV. And lasts for at least a week, more if you take care of your nails like you should. This color is Boss. A neutral beige with a bit of pink. You do have to buy the system, but you can try a mini kit for less than the price of a gel manicure. I’ve got 6 colors now. Let me know if you want to see the others. 


I took off my engagement ring because of all the hand washing. The wedding band looks lonely. 🙁

Looking to touch up your roots but worry about box color? A Houston hair stylist I know started her own hair color brand, Della Ricca. You get a virtual consultation with a stylist so they pick the right color for you and mail you salon quality color. I used it before deciding to grow my grays out. Lucky timing on that.


This British fitness coach puts out daily videos for getting your kids moving. He sounds like Russell Brand and has similar hair too. So I get a kick out of hearing Russell Brand teach my kid’s gym class!

Recipe Corner

Apparently, everyone is trying to make a sourdough starter with yeast being hard to find. I tried and my bread didn’t work. Big fail! But not all is lost. Here are sourdough discard recipes that you can make even if your starter isn’t strong enough to make bread. I made the coffee cake. It takes 2 sticks of butter so it’s not for the faint of heart, but at least there are 4 other people in my household to eat it with me.

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