Answers to your questions about what happens before, during and after a boudoir photoshoot


How should I prepare for my shoot?

I like to think of your boudoir photoshoot like preparing for a big event: whether it’s your wedding, a college reunion or a speaking engagement. And that will mean something different to everyone. So for some, that will mean making sure they whiten their teeth, color their hair, and get a facial, wax and professional manicure and pedicure. For everyone, I recommend taking time to exfoliate and moisture your skin, getting a good night’s rest and drinking lots of water.

I don’t have that much lingerie. What should I bring?

I have a lingerie guide that I will send to you; however, you don’t necessarily need lots of lingerie. I do recommend a well-fitting bra and panty set for everyone. In addition, there are lots of non-lingerie items you can use from slouchy t-shirts, sweaters, jeans, bodycon dresses, button down shirts, leather jackets, tulle skirts…  These are also great for adding on top of lingerie! And many clients opt to end with just the white sheet as one of their 3 “outfits” wink.

What are the best outfits for each body type?

I personally think you can wear whatever you want to wear regardless of body type. Our goal is showing off your figure, so form-fitting rules here. Then it comes down to what to cover and what to reveal. Bodysuits and corsets are great for emphasizing the bust and covering the tummy. Cheeky panties rather than string thongs are usually best for all sizes, etc. I go into more depth during your consultation and in the lingerie guide I will provide. My biggest advice is to go shopping early. Unless you have an hourglass figure within the “average” size carried at neighborhood shops and online retailers (I don’t fall within that definition and neither do most women!), you will need time to find well-fitting pieces. 

What days can I schedule my shoot?

I schedule shoots on weekdays starting at 9:30AM.

Where is your studio located?

My studio is located in the Museum District. I am conveniently located near 59, 45 and 288. There is easy street parking. 

Can I bring a friend?

Yes. You are welcome to bring 1 friend with you to your shoot. You know the one. She’s your best cheerleader and will make you feel amazing!

I have a deadline. How long will it take to print my products?

Products will be available for pickup approximately 2-3 weeks after finalizing your order.


I don’t know how to pose. Can you help me?

Of course! That is one of my most important jobs during your boudoir photoshoot. You don’t have to worry about needing to “look sexy.” I will coach you through getting into each pose as well as work through various expressions. 

What do you recommend for hair and make-up?

Professional make-up and dry hair styling is included in your session fee, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself, and we know it’s going to look great on camera! In terms of make-up looks, I have clients who want a natural, minimal look all the way to those who want a dramatic, smokey eye. It’s up to you! As for hair, that’s as unique as you. My biggest tip is if you have super curly hair and want straight hair or big bouncy curls, go get a professional blowout the day before. No amount of flat ironing dry curly hair is going to get you the look you want.


How do you suggest I display my photos?

It really depends on the person. There are 2 main options: an album and/or wall art. Albums hold a wide variety of your images and can be slipped under your bed or placed on a shelf away from little eyes. Wall art features a favorite image, typically on your bedroom, bathroom or closet wall. It could be conservative or risqué. It’s up to you!

Do you have to post my photos on the internet?

Absolutely not. I only post client images if they grant me permission. The main reason I post images is to show other women that my clients are everyday women like you and me. During your ordering appointment we go over what you will allow me to use and where, if any.

Do you have a minimum spend?

I do not have a minimum spend. Your session fee is $199. The products that you purchase during your ordering appointment are entirely up to you. Some clients spend $300, some spend $3,000.

What is your session fee?

My session fee is $200 and that includes your wardrobe consultation, professional make-up and dry hair styling, a 1.5 hour photoshoot with 3 outfits and your ordering appointment.

Do you offer digital files?

I do. For all products purchased you will also receive the corresponding digital files. 



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