About Me

Hi, my name is Kerry, and I’m a portrait photographer. My wish is to capture the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen of yourself. I photograph everyday women like you and me. They are sisters, wives and best friends; mothers and grandmothers; business owners and stay-at-home moms. I believe that every woman deserves a beautiful portrait of herself whether she is 18 or 80 and at every stage in between.

Our parents take care of the baby pictures and senior photos. We dutifully put the wedding photographs in the album and hang them on the wall. Maybe we get a maternity photo. But then what happens? We tend to disappear behind the camera. There are a myriad of excuses. I’ve heard them all…

“I just need to lose 10 pounds.” “I’m not photogenic.” “I hate having my picture taken.”

But what will your children and loved ones find when they look for photos of you?

You are beautiful right now—at your current age and dress size. It’s not your job to be “photogenic.” I don’t believe in that word. It’s my job to make you relaxed in front of the camera and guide you through positions that flatter your body type. In doing so, we create portraits that you will feel confident about and capture your personality.

Choose to exist in photographs today and at every stage of your life. One day they will be priceless. Your children will cherish them and when they look back at them remember the vibrant woman that you are today.

It would be an honor to be your photographer. Please contact me and we can design a photo shoot for your specific needs.